-25% Bustin Boca 75mm 82a Yellow wheels

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Bustin Boca 75mm 82a Yellow wheels

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The Bustin Boca is a wheel that can be applied anywhere as it's a bit harder at 82a. It's hard enough to easily bust some slides while commuting, but hard enough to roll fast on super smooth pavement or in the skatepark even. This is a great replacement wheel for cruisers or those who want one wheel to do it all. The lips on this are cut at a 45? angle which makes sliding super smooth and easy.

This is a great wheel to replace the wheels on your assembly or to have a more all around wheel for wherever your skateboard takes you. This 75mm version is great on boards with more wheel clearance or wheel wells. Being 75mm means more roll speed and momentum.

Bustin Boca 75mm 82a is a super fast, oversized longboard wheel for downhill and city plowing. The durometer sits on the softer side of its official 82a rating giving you the grip you need at high speeds and the smooth ride you want on rough roads. The key word for this wheel is 'momentum'. Its super-sized 75mm diameter pulls down the street like a longboarding tow-rope while it glides over even the harshest street scars. If you want a Strike and you like speed, get down on it.